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Travel around Lake Superior is easy.
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  • Have you circled Lake Superior
    By car, by motorcycle, by bicycle or by boat?
    Have you walked around the lake?

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    If you're planning a trip around the lake,
    search our members' comments for tips
    on where to go, stay and even what to avoid.

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    “The information on this site was very helpful
    for planning our motorcycle tour around Lake Superior.”
    – Keith Siers, Felton, Delaware

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  • Provide us with names, addresses and email addresses of those completing the Circle Tour
  • When did you complete the Circle Tour?
  • What were your favorite spots and experiences on the Circle Tour?
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    Travel Questions you can answer:
    Which way is the best way to travel
    the Circle Route -
    Clockwise or Counterclockwise?

    Which part of the lake offered you
    the friendliest welcome?

    What surprised you the most during your
    trip around the lake?

    What do you recommend as the optimum length
    for a full Circle Tour Trip?

    If you had a chance to revisit one area for a week,
    where would you choose?

    Where is the best high spot from which to view or photograph Lake Superior?
    Send your opinions to:


    Map of Lake Superior Circle Tour
    Lake Superior Circle Tour map
    Lake Superior Travel MapGet a Free Map
    of Lake Superior.

    Circle Tour Merchandise
    We continue to develop exclusive Lake Superior Circle Tour products that you can purchase directly.

    Lake Superior: the Ultimate Guide to the Region
    Lake Superior: The Ultimate Guide
    Circle Tour T-Shirt
    Lake Superior Circle Tour Pin
    Circle Tour T-Shirt
    Lake Superior Circle Tour T-Shirt
    Circle Tour Patch
    Lake Superior Circle Tour Patch
    Circle Tour Decal
    Lake Superior Circle Tour Decal
    Lake Superior Map Wall Map of Lake Superior

    Get complete information about the
    Lake Superior Circle Tour

    Lake Superior Travel Guide contains what we’ve learned in three decades of traveling around the Great Lake, including complete information about the Lake Superior Circle Tour. The Travel Guide comes as part of every subscription to Lake Superior Magazine, and includes our exclusive Lake Superior Travel Map.
    Lake Superior Travel Guide
    Follow this link to our Travel Guide catalog page.

    Links to Lake Superior Travel Guide hot spots
    Visit our Lake Superior Travel Guide website to find links to organizations
    all around the lake. We also have updates to our current Travel Guide,
    the latest information about where to go and what to do.
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